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Forgotten Lifestyle helps people of all ages find their unique
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Today, more people than ever suffer from low energy, loss of vitality, poor mood, weight gain, insomnia, digestive problems,  sexual dysfunction, and more. These conditions are directly linked to problematic lifestyle choices enabled by our conventional way of life. However, in combining traditional practices and modern healing techniques, we help people overcome these health challenges and develop a deeper connection with their authentic selves. 

Sadly, modern medicine is designed to treat symptoms and not address the lifestyles and behaviors that cause them. Healthcare professionals often recommend eating healthier and exercising but offer no real strategies or resources to make this happen. That’s where we’re different.
We want to help our community identify their true vision and work to find balance within themselves. Simply exercising and eating healthy are not enough for long-term physical, mental and spiritual health. Our mission is to dig deeper than most trainers, coaches, and doctors in order to identify our client’s attainable wellness goals and develop personalized plans to get them there. In doing this, we aren’t afraid to push. We believe in tough love and honest conversations, but throughout it all, we will be there to hold accountability, motivate, inspire, and initiate lasting change.

Better health is possible in the modern world

Ways We Can Help

Personalized Coaching

We will support, educate, and inspire change by embarking on the health journey with you.

Virtual Content

Programs, videos, and e-books to help improve health literacy.

Functional Medicine

Healthcare designed to address the root cause instead of treating the symptoms.

Employee Wellness

The health of a company depends on the health of its employees.

A New Approach

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and obesity are the costliest and most prevalent conditions facing not only America but the entire so-called civilized world. Nearly 50% of Americans suffer from a chronic disease, with 86% of all US healthcare spending going towards these preventable conditions. Unfortunately, our reliance on modern comforts has caused us to lose touch with our forgotten past along with the wisdom it holds. Our ancestral ways of eating, hunting, and moving, along with our knowledge of plants, animals, and traditions, have almost entirely disappeared. 

More technology, drugs, and expensive healthcare equipment are not the solution for the chronic disease epidemic any more than a band-aid is the solution to prevent a cut. We need to stop the problem before it starts, not cover it up with damage control after it’s happened. We believe that education, support, and guidance are the missing link. If you have not felt like yourself lately, if you feel stagnant or have been told by your doctor to begin making health changes, there is no better time than now to act. Our system of coaching takes out the guesswork and gives you a clear path toward your goals. Whether it is overcoming health challenges or getting in the best shape of your life, we are here to help.

Meet The Team

Matt Kinneberg

Founder | Wellness Coach

Ben Spies

Founder | Wellness Coach
Forgotten Lifestyle was created out of a true desire to help others. Our experience in the military helped us realize that physical strength and toughness are not enough for true well-being; there is so much more that’s needed. We want to repair the poor health conditions inflicted by the modern world and help people live passion-driven lives, reengaging with their families, communities, and dreams. To do this requires first a change in perspective.
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